• Reminder: Wireless Alert System Being Tested Across Canada Today

    In case you haven't heard, Alert Ready is doing another system test this afternoon, at 1:55pm local time. It doesn't appear to be a synchronized test across the country—for example, mobile users in both British Columbia and Ontario will each receive test alerts at this same time. Quebeckers will receive their test an hour later, for some reason. Here's the blurb from the source:

    November 28, 2018 Public Awareness Test

    On November 28th at 1:55 PM local time (2:55 PM local time in Quebec), a test of the Alert Ready system will be conducted. The test will be distributed on TV, radio and compatible wireless devices. Please note, not all mobile devices will receive the test message. For general device compatibility, you can refer to the Alert Ready website here.
    It looks like only carrier-branded phones (and not even all of them) are compatible with the Alert Ready system. I'll be very interested to see if my unlocked OnePlus device will also get the alert.

    Source: Alert Ready, Canada's New Emergency Alert System

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    1. acurrie's Avatar
      acurrie -
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      Alert received, through Virgin on an unlocked OnePlus 5T. Had my phone on silent, though, so I didn't get an audible alert. And it didn't buzz through to my smartwatch, either...
    1. jcalder's Avatar
      jcalder -
      My wife got the alert but I didn't. We were sitting next to one another, both on an LTE network. Same plan. Carrier is Bell.
    1. Ipse's Avatar
      Ipse -
      În my office half of the folks didn't get the alert on Robbers and Bhell.
      I got it just fine on an unlocked, transferred phone (Videotron).