• The Real Deal: Fido & Virgin Mobile’s PERMANENT 10GB Plans

    Don't be fooled by Koodo, like I was yesterday... If you want the best available deal on Big Three BYOD data your current best options (outside of Québec) are Fido and Virgin Mobile. Each of them are matching Koodo's 10GB data bucket for $75/month, with one important difference: after 24 months you'll still have 10GB per month!

    Some screenshots from the carriers' plan pages (set to Ontario) for proof:

    Plan details from Fido... I'm still fuzzy on their concept of "hourly data"; the important thing is that it's not part of your 10 GB.

    And details from Virgin Mobile... I actually just upgraded my own service; I was already paying $70/month for 8GB (and 500 minutes), so an extra 2GB for $5—plus unlimited calls—seemed like a no-brainer.

    I honestly don't know why Koodo doesn't make their promotional plans permanent; maybe they're still losing revenue from all you clever people still enjoying their out-of-market plans.
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