• Android Pie Breaks Caller ID on Pebble; Here's a Workaround

    For us few, proud Pebblers desperately hanging on to our favourite smartwatch it seems inevitable that it's going to suffer a death by a thousand cuts. I've just learned on reddit (via this post) that version 9 of Android comes with some unknown "improvement" that breaks call display for all Pebbles connected with the official app.

    Pebbles connected via Gadgetbridge aren't affected. Then again, Gadgetbridge doesn't support Rebble.io features like weather and voice replies.

    For those of us connected via Rebble there is thankfully an Android (and companion Pebble) app that purports to fix this critical functionality. It's called Dialer for Pebble, and can be found on both F-Droid and Google Play.

    Before you go ahead and try it, though, be aware of two potential issues: First, it brings the grand total of required apps on your Android device to three—the Pebble app (obviously), Wear OS (for additional notification support) and now this Dialer app. Second, and perhaps more importantly, it may not even work. Here's a telling comment from a related r/Pebble thread:

    After a back and forth with matejdro [the developer] about how Dialer hangs on my Pixel XL with Pie, a Time Steel (two, actually—I tested with a second watch) and Rebble, I've uninstalled Dialer.

    The problem has been that Dialer hangs (for lack of a better term) and prevents any subsequent notifications from coming through until I notice and cancel Dialer. Then it works until the next hang.
    If any Pebblers have a better experience with this solution kindly let the rest of us know. I myself am going back to the Amazfit Bip for the time being; I'm sure the Chinese government has missed my daily step counts...

    Sources: r/Pebble (1) (2)
    Links: Dialer for Pebble on F-Droid / Google Play

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Android Pie Breaks Caller ID on Pebble; Here's a Workaround started by acurrie View original post
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    1. dmeeks72's Avatar
      dmeeks72 -
      I am using the Essential PH-1 running Android 9.0. I have the Pebble Time watch, using rebble and the Dialer app. I have no issues with it. If I have the contact in the phone, it shows the name and picture (if I have one) on the watch. If not, it just shows me the number.

      The only thing that is different from above is Wear OS is disconnected. I could never get it connected. Didn't seem to make a difference to what I was using it for.
    1. acurrie's Avatar
      acurrie -
      Quote Originally Posted by dmeeks72 View Post
      Wear OS is disconnected. I could never get it connected.
      I don't you actually need your Pebble to be connected to Wear OS—I'm not sure that's even possible—you just need that app present on your phone.

      Great news about Dialer and call display, though... thanks for letting us know!
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