• Pixel 3 Review, Part 1: First Impressions

    Canada Post was kind enough to accommodate Pixel 3 week, and dropped off my phone and charging stand earlier this afternoon. I haven't yet put my SIM card in it, but I did set it up with my Gmail account. Here's how I'm getting on with it so far:

    I took this photo in the shadows of my office while Google Assistant was apparently updating over WiFi. Now that it has, the Pixel Stand mode is working as advertised. I even got it to read me the news, which was a neat trick, although I need to set up a Canadian source.

    But I'm guessing you want to know more about the actual phone than its charging stand, so...

    ... Here it is, still in the box! What immediately struck me when I took it out was how much I like its size. For reference it seems about as wide as the LG Nexus 5ónot the 5X, the 2013 oneóbut taller. Some may say that they're getting more for their money with a bigger phone, and that's fine; for me, the less thumb gymnastics I have to perform, the better.

    Check out how my stupid OnePlus categorically refuses to focus on the Pixel's brushed glass finish... I do have to say, though, that I do find said finish entirely unremarkable to the touch, so into a funky cloth case it went straightaway.

    Oh and one thing about the fingerprint reader; I'm having a surprising amount of trouble using it to pull down my notification panel. I thought it might be the fabric case, but even without it the gesture still doesn't seem to work reliably.

    Over on the other side of the glass, annoyances continue. There are just a lot of ways to access Google Assistant here, dare I say too many? You can long-press the pill at the bottom of the home screen, tap on the right side of the non-removable search box above it or give the bottom half of your phone a friendly squeeze. Just one of these ways would be fine, thanks.

    The other big issue that I'm currently trying to solve is getting Google's night mode to stick. When enabled through developer options, your quick settings and app drawer are supposed to have a dark background, instead of the garish white that you'd otherwise see. I keep checking if the setting is enabled (it is) yet the garish white persists.

    Tomorrow I'll have a closer look at the Pixel 3's main attraction: its camera.

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