• Pixel 3 Review, Part 0: The Cases

    Not exactly how I thought this series would kick off, but here we are.

    I ordered both my Pixel 3 (non-XL) and two fabric cases from Google Canada almost a month ago, before the #MadebyGoogle2018 event had even finished; since then the shipping date for the phone has slipped, but I did at least get my pair of cases as promised late last week. Let's take a look:

    My Pixel 3 has been requested in "Just Black", so for protection I chose what I thought would be two complimentary colours, "Indigo" (left) and "Fog" (right). Why two? So I could clean one case while still having my phone protected by the other, of course!

    The fabric material on each is both fetching and practical; in addition to providing a sturdy grip it should also absorb any surface oil from my grimy hands. One thing I hadn't considered is my cat using the material to sharpen his claws. That would be... unfortunate.

    The interior of the cases have a velvety lining that will hopefully keep my phone scratch-free.

    And this (soon-to-be) Clearly Black Pixel owner won't be suffering from anybutton envy—at least with the grey case. It's hard to see in the photo but below the buttons are sculpted-out strips to accomodate the volume rocker.

    So, the big question: at $50 CAD a pop, are these first-party cases worth it? I think so, but I honestly can't say for sure without an actual Pixel to put in them. I've just received an email informing me that my phone (and free stand) have been dispatched, so hopefully I can answer that question soon!

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    1. jakeuten's Avatar
      jakeuten -
      This is a good way to differentiate themselves from Apple, but I'd rather have a leather or silicone Apple case.
    1. NotABiot's Avatar
      NotABiot -
      " in addition to providing a sturdy grip it should also absorb any surface oil from my grimy hands."

      It should look like a kitchen towel in a busy pizzaria in no time.
    1. Breaking Good's Avatar
      Breaking Good -
      I agree with NotABiot. I don't see how fabric is practical for a smartphone case.