• reddit Wisdom: Avoid The Source

    We all know that BCE, parent company of Bell Canada, owns the electronics chain The Source, right? Here's something you maybe didn't know (but could probably guess): The Source is a terrible place to upgrade your phone.

    On the front page of r/Canada this week is the sad tale of a redditor who wanted a new Galaxy S8 for their existing Virgin Mobile service. They were told by an unscrupulous sales agent that the best deal could be had by activating a new line on a new plan and then cancelling after a billing cycle, transferring that new plan to the existing phone number.

    Of course it was a scam to get the salesperson a new activation, and one month later the customer was on the hook for the full price of the phone, plus cancellation fees.

    But this isn't even the best part. The redditor, a student who likely didn't have the $850 on hand, had to call their mother to explain the situation. Here's how that call went:

    She laughs at me. Then angrily yells at me. Typical Latina mom move. While yelling though, she was asking why do I do these kind of things without consulting her before, etc., etc. but then proceeds to explain that she was also furious because she had THE SAME EXACT THING HAPPEN TO HER A FEW YEARS AGO.
    Similar experiences are detailed in the comments that follow, plus some free advice from the other side:

    As someone who years ago used to manage a Source By Circuit City store:

    Do not use this company for anything other than buying small electrical components for guitars or minor electrical repairs.
    Anybody here been burned at The Source?

    Link: r/canada

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    1. Mr.Peppermint's Avatar
      Mr.Peppermint -
      I don't believe this post at all
      The dealer gets a clawback if person cancels in 1 month (up to 90 days he gets no commission) plus the fact his time was wasted and he needs to do the audit for cancellation

      A far more likely story:
      Customer wanted a new phone with a good hardware discount which his plan does not qualify for
      Read online about people doing the first month cancel over at Koodo and thinking he was smart tried doing same thing at Virgin
    1. @Class's Avatar
      @Class -
      Yes, of course the rep is going to scam you... This is Canada. They're so desperate for the sale after their $14/hour of course... Only to go spend their hard earned money on weed because that's our most important issue these days.