• Old Man in Ball Cap Says There are Too Many Wireless Carriers in Canada

    Just in time for Halloween, here's a scary thought for Canadians... Phil Lind, Vice Chair of Rogers Communications, Inc. and one-time right hand man to Ted Rogers himself, thinks that further consolidation of Canada's existing wireless oligopoly is "inevitable".

    He spoke at length with BNN Bloomberg's Amanda Lang earlier this week. You can watch his nine minute-plus ramble right here or, if you'd rather, read my transcription of the noteworthy bits below:

    "Data rates are growing two times every year. So in other words, if data usage is a hundred (?) this year it's going to be two hundred (??) next year. That kind of growth is going to be impossible to sustain..."
    "We're going to have to consolidate here... it's inevitable. We can put it off, and the government can put it off and put it off, but eventually... especially in wireless, this is (a) scale business. The United States has two great, strong carriers and two weak ones... even they can't make it happen. So how can we, in this country, with a tenth of the population, make four or five carriers work in Canada? It doesn't work..."
    "I'm very encouraged with the new chairman (of the CRTC)... because he's from the industry, he understands the pace that we have to have (?). He's gonna be a lot better than earlier chairmen..."
    "Canada is a big country, and Canada has fabulous wireless service, so those two factors... And then you say, well, it's more than it costs in The Netherlands, or it's more than the United States. We're a tenth the size... of course it's gonna be more, why would anyone expect differently? Wireless is more expensiveónot much more expensive, but more expensive than almost every country in the world. But we're bigger than almost every country in the world. You want the cheapest, and the best? Hard to do..."
    I should also point out that Mr. Lind is currently promoting his new book, a memoir of his times with Ted. If it's written in the same style as the guy talks then I dare say it's going to be a tough read.

    Source: BNN Bloomberg via iPhone in Canada

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    1. Stately Automat's Avatar
      Stately Automat -
      If he feels that way, maybe they could start with consolidating Rogers/Fido/chatr/CityFone/etc.
    1. turbogeek's Avatar
      turbogeek -
      I can drive 2 hours east and pay 30% less for exactly the same service from the same 3 companies; he is lying through his damn teeth.
    1. sirtate's Avatar
      sirtate -
      Didn't you hear?

      It doesn't cost as much to provide services there.

      His argument would be that the 4th carrier (the disruptor) is providing service below what it really costs, and they can't continue to do so...
      The 4th carrier will either raise its prices, or go out of business and get swallowed by the big 3...

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