• Et tu, Samsung?

    Korean tech site etnews broke the following bombshell earlier today:

    "Samsung is considering removing the earphone jack from Note 10 or S11..."
    If you're already rolling your eyes I don't blame you; stories like this, particularly in regards to Samsung, have been clickbaiting fans ever since Apple dropped the audio jack from its iPhone 7. A few random examples:

    Exhibit A: Exclusive: Galaxy S8 is not going to feature a 3.5mm headphone jack
    Exhibit B: Samsung Galaxy S9 could drop the headphone port, and fans are not happy

    However, it must also be pointed out that neither of those sites are etnews. According to this redditor:

    "ETNews is pretty reputable as far as Samsung rumors go. They’ve correctly predicted the Infinity Display of the GS8, the QLED tech on their smart TVs, and they’ve been first to report mostly everything relating to the GS10."
    But why would Samsung take such a user-hostile action on their most popular devices? I mean it's not like they have their own version of AirPods that they want to cram down their customers' throats. Oh wait, they totally do...

    Source: etnews via r/Android

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    1. bald2718281828's Avatar
      bald2718281828 -
      Eliminating the headphone jack is a fine tradeoff as long as they also ELIMINATE THE BIXBY BUTTON and go back in time and eliminate any history of BIXBY ever existing.
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