• California Gets Nationís Strongest Net Neutrality Law

    Residents of the most politically progressive state in the Union just got the countryís strictest Net Neutrality protections, thanks to a bill that Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Sunday.

    Under this new law ISP's can't block or slow certain specific types of content or applications. They also can't charge app developers or content providers extra fees in order to provide their content to their customers faster.

    California isn't the only state passing its own Net Neutrality laws nor is it the first. Fellow west coast states Washington and Oregon have both passed laws of their own. But only California so far has matched Obama-era federal Net Neutrality regulations repealed by the Federal Communications Commission in June.

    Barbara van Schewick, a professor at Stanford Law School said in a statement: ďMost people donít understand how hard it is to do a solid Net Neutrality law. Whatís so special about California is that it includes not just two pages of rules, but all of the important protections from the text of the order and as a result closes the loopholes.Ē

    Some of the loopholes Barbara addressed include "zero-rating," and those pesky interconnection fees.

    For those unaware, California is not only the largest economy in the United States it's also the fifth largest economy in the entire world. That ensures not only its leadership but also its influence on other states pursuing similar tactics. This boldness and influence is bound to draw the ire of the current Presidential Administration who is currently in the midst of several legal battles with the state and who worked so hard to repeal Net Neutrality on a national level as we formerly knew it.

    But in order for the law to be effective it will first have to survive. Large corporate beheamouths like AT&T and Comcast have lobbied heavily against the bill. Both claim that the new rules will result in higher prices for consumers. On the flip side companies like: Twilio, Etsy and Sonos have thrown in their support of the bill. So far California born companies like: Apple, Google and Facebook have been silent on the matter.

    Read more here: https://ktla.com/2018/09/30/californ...eutrality-law/
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    1. Ipse's Avatar
      Ipse -

      Good for you Cali.
    1. @TheRealDanny's Avatar
      @TheRealDanny -

      Apparently the DOJ is suing CA. over this trying to prevent it from becoming law. They want one federal law to trump any state law.

      The DOJ's motion for a preliminary injunction claims that implementation of the law would cause "irreparable harm" to the United States. It isn't realistic for ISPs to comply with different net neutrality standards in different states, the DOJ argued, so the California law would effectively govern the entire nation.

      If the US District Court refuses to grant a preliminary injunction, the California rules would go into force as scheduled on January 1st 2019.
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