• AT&T aims to test AirGig paired with 5G


    Remember Airgig? That service that was going to allow AT&T to deploy broadband over telephone lines that we've been talking about off and on for years now?

    Well we still don't have an actual date on a commercial release... just yet but trials with Georgia Power apparently have been going really well. In fact AT&T sees this technology as a boost and natural fit with rural 5G deployments and sees other utilities using the technology as well.
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    1. gedster314's Avatar
      gedster314 -
      I wonder how it impacts Ham radio. Hams were not happy about the interference from internet over power lines a few years back.
    1. Peterfield's Avatar
      Peterfield -
      I’d love to see this in rural areas. Providers have promised much to rural areas but have delivered little. If feasible, this technology could be a game changer for those of us who live in the sticks.