• The Best Tourist SIM for New Zealand

    So I'm back from two weeks in New Zealand (just Auckland, really), and in case anyone else heading that way needs a local SIM card, here's what I think is your best bet: the NZ Travel SIM from Vodafone.

    The first thing to note is that our plan isn't actually listed on Vodafone's site; they're currently showing 4GB for $49 NZD but, as you can clearly see above, what we got instead was 3GB for $43, the equivalent of about $28 USD or $38.50 CAD. While more reasonable than any Big Three plan in Canada that I can think of, it's not nearly as good a deal as what you can get on Optus in Australia500MB per day for only $2 Aussie dollary-doos.

    The good news is that the SIMs are available at Auckland International Airport upon arrival. Before we even got to immigration we passed by two manned kiosks, plus a third from a competing MVNO. We were able to get our phones connected without having to enter any additional APNs or proxies, and paid for the SIMs at a nearby duty-free counter.

    Vodafone's service was excellent and we had no issues connecting anywhere, even on the somewhat remote island of Waiheke. These particular SIMs also include 200 minutes of calling and 200 texts, even to select international destinations. We didn't have a need for either of those, but they were certainly nice to have. If there's a trip to New Zealand in your future and you need a local SIM, check Vodafone's current rates at the link immediately below.

    Links: Vodafone NZ Travel SIM

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