• Facebook to "Monetize" WhatsApp (mercifully without ads)

    After their disastrous earnings call last week it's understandable that Facebook would want to squeeze some revenue out of WhatsApp, the standalone messaging platform with over a billion active users sending 65 billion messages each and every day. Thankfully, they're not planning on dumping ads into everyone's message and group feeds but will instead give businesses tools to connect with customers, and then charge them for it.

    Here's how it will work: Businesses will be able to buy ad space on Facebook (and presumably other ad networks) with an embedded click-to-chat button that will open a new message thread directly in WhatsApp. There will be no cost for this service to the user, but the business will have to pay a surcharge if they don't respond to a customer query within 24 hours. Users will have the additional option of blocking the business at any time, to prevent being spammed.

    About 90 companies have already signed up to test the service, including Singapore Airlines, Uber and Wish. If the ads aren't already live they should be soon.

    Sources: WhatsApp Blog via The Verge

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