• Gestures are Coming to Android

    And in their current form I can't say that I'm a fan.

    If you thought the display notch was the big smartphone innovation of 2017 you'd be sadly mistaken; the best thing about the iPhone X was the gesture navigation that they lifted from the Palm Pre's card-based interface. A year later it seems that where iPhone goes so does the rest of the industry; notches are popping up on Android phones everywhere, and at the Google I/O keynote yesterday gesture support was announced for the first public beta of Android P.

    I've been enjoying the OnePlus interpretation of gestures on an Open Beta of their OxygenOS, and if I had the choice I'd never go back to the clunky navigation bar again. Moreover, I think OnePlus has come up with a more elegant gesture-based UI; no "pill" is required, you only need to remember three moves—swipe up from the centre to go home, swipe up from the centre and hold for your app menu and swipe up from either left or right to go back. For me it became second nature in minutes.

    Google's implementation of gestures has a pill similar to the iPhone X; unlike the iPhone, however, the pill seems to stay visible at the bottom of your screen at all times. Since dropping the navigation bar frees up real estate at the bottom of your screen, having an always-on pill doesn't exactly seem like a win. One good thing is that it doubles as a slider when you're in your app menu, which admittedly is a neat trick. I'll also admit that having a contextual back button can sometimes be handy; if I'm using the software keyboard on my OnePlus I can't really use the back gesture without inadvertently typing some random characters.

    Still, I do prefer gestures the OnePlus way. I hope they keep it.

    Source: Android Police

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      I hope it's an option to use them