• We've Apparently Reached Peak Smartphone App

    There's already mounting evidence that we've reached peak smartphone growth—see Exhibit A here and Exhibit B here; now we have our first indication that smartphone app growth has also peaked. The analytics company appfigures makes its case in this chart:

    According to their research, the number of titles in Apple's App Store declined for the first time in 2017. So how do you explain the continuing growth of Google's Android equivalent? Well, there's a chart for that, too:

    As most Android users already know, the majority of apps are developed for iOS first, then ported to Android later. So while the number of titles published in Google Play saw continued growth last year, a similar contraction is likely to occur at some point.

    What does all this mean? Less apps, obviously, but hopefully better ones.

    Source: appfigures via Android Police, TechCrunch

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      blacksurfer -
      The decline is because Apple removed some apps that were not updated to 64 bit and some that were against privacy policy.