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    David Ruddock, the managing editor of Android Police, has just completed a two-week test drive of Android P Developer Preview 1. I've already covered the visual overhaul of the UI in a previous post; today I present to you a quick summary of David's thoughts on other aspects of this first test build.

    1. Theming is Hard

    ... Especially without user-selectable controls. On other Android devices, like ones from OnePlus and Samsung, theming is actually pretty easy. But for some reason Google will only give you a dark theme if you select a dark wallpaper, and even then your notification cards and Google Feed will remain their regular garish white.

    2. Smart Rotate is Neat

    If you find auto-rotate annoying and keep your phone locked in portrait mode then you'll surely appreciate this new feature. When you rotate your phone to landscape a button will magically appear in your navigation bar so that you can rotate your screen manually to match. Smart!

    3. Screenshot Editors are Handy

    Android P now has a native screenshot editor. There's nothing especially groundbreaking here; Android ROMs from other OEMs—again, like OnePlus and Samsung—have offered this functionality for quite some time.

    Indeed, nothing I'm seeing in this Android Police report has me terribly excited about Android P. Not so long ago a new version of Android meant new features and commits to AOSP that every device builder could use; nowadays it seems like Google is just playing catch-up to other OEMs.

    Source: Android Police

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