• Google is Integrating Money Transfers into Android

    With their users' credit cards already on file via the Google Play Store and Google Pay app, it only makes sense for the engineers in Mountain View to add peer-to-peer payment functionality to Android as well. But instead of doing this through a dedicated portal, they've chosen to implement this feature directly into the OS, through their own first-party software.

    Last November Android Police reported on a new version of Android Messages, Google's SMS app. Among other things, the update included the ability to send and receive money through Google Wallet (since rebranded to Google Pay). Now, again according to AP, Google has built a redundancy of this feature directly into their contacts app. So far the feature is live for exactly one reported user in Canada, and unfortunately it's not me.

    Using Google Pay, like PayPal , PayTM, or any other smartphone-based payments app of course requires that both the sender and recipient are registered users of the specific app in question. And while I can appreciate the convenience of these apps for sending money to family and friends overseas, for P2P payments within my own country I'm almost certainly going to go with an email transfer directly from my bank.

    How about you?

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