• Nuts to the Notch; Here’s What Android Should Copy from Apple

    ... Which Apple in turn copied from the Palm Pre. And the cycle of tech "innovation" continues.

    What I'm talking about here is gesture-based navigation, currently all the rage on the latest fruit phone. As luck would have it, it's also an option on the latest Open Beta of OxygenOS for the OnePlus 5T—the one without the capacitive buttons and front-facing fingerprint sensor / home button. Here's a close-up of my current home screen running the beta:

    Notice the complete absence of software navigation buttons. It doesn't seem like such a big deal at first, but it very quickly makes my FHD+ screen feel bigger and the entire OS more modern. A few more examples:

    Here's what typing looks like with the navigation buttons enabled...

    ... And here's what it looks like without. To be fair, a dark background behind the navigation buttons would make them look a lot better, but still not nearly as elegant as not having them at all.The gestures themselves are intuitive enough that they'll very quickly become second nature. Here's all you need to know:

    Home screen - swipe up from bottom-centre and release;
    App switcher - swipe up from bottom-centre and hold;
    Go back - swipe up from bottom-left or bottom-right and release.

    If still unclear, here are the gestures in action, courtesy of Droid Life:

    I wouldn't yet call it perfect on the OnePlus. If you've never seen the navigational aid that Apple has on their iPhone X, it's a thin black strip at the bottom of the screen from which you can begin your swipe upwards. On the 5T there's no such aid, and swiping successfully can sometimes take a couple of tries. Yet I am convinced that this is a much better way to get around your phone. Hopefully this feature will make it to a stable build of OxygenOS, and to other Android phones as well.

    Links: Android Central, OnePlus Forums

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      turbogeek -
      I loved the WebOS gestures on my old HP Touchpad; flinging apps off the top of the screen to kill them in the task switcher was simple and (believe it or not) fun. I wish someone would license WebOS from LG just to bring the old gestures to an Android or iOS device.