• HQ Trivia: Another iOS Phenomenon Comes to Android

    While out for dinner with my brother and his family over the weekend I got to play HQ Trivia for the first time. To call HQ a phenomenon is no lie—at 8:55pm our party of seven looked like any other large group in a busy uptown restaurant; five minutes later every iPhone at the table was connected to a headset and playing the game.

    Plus one Android phone.

    If you've been to a trivia night at your local pub then you've already got the gist of HQ—just imagine that experience scaled up to reach a global (English-speaking) audience through their smartphones. What pulls it all together is an entertaining video-streamed host, powered by the same technology behind Vine, Twitter's failed attempt at a new six-second video format.

    HQ's official Android app had, until very recently, been listed in the Play Store as an unreleased beta. I'd love to tell you that you'll get the exact same experience on Android as on iOS, but on my OnePlus 5T the 1.0 release still looks very much like a beta product. The gameplay is the same but the video streaming quality is just bad.

    I guess it's much harder for software developers to fully support the multitude of screen sizes and resolutions available on the Android platform. In the case of HQ trivia it certainly doesn't seem like a lot of effort was put in. If you've yet to experience the game my advice would be to check it out on somebody's iPhone. HQ doesn't care about us.

    If you still want to be disappointed, here's the link: HQ Trivia on Google Play

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