• BOSE SoundSport Free: EarPods for Androids (iPhones, too)

    Though I will fight for the smartphone audio jack with my last dying breath I am also, somewhat paradoxically, a fan of wireless earbuds. I try to get in about four to five hours of podcast listening per week, and usually do so on a morning or afternoon walk. Wired earbuds serve this purpose fairly well, except for the cord that either gets tangled as I pull out my phone to skip through an ad, or gets caught on some random object as I walk by it. So-called "neckbuds", a set earbuds connected by a cable that goes around the back of one's head, are only slightly better; the cable has an annoying habit of snagging on my shirt or jacket collar and reminding me that it's there.

    But these... these are by far the most comfortable earbuds I've ever worn. Right out of the box they fit my ears perfectly, and if they didn't I'd still have two other sets of in-ear gels to choose from.

    BOSE recommends that you install their Connect app on the phone that you're pairing their earbuds with, which isn't at all a necessity—maybe when there's a firmware update to install, but otherwise no. Pairing them to my Android phone was as easy as any other Bluetooth device, and the connection has been rock solid ever since.

    Sound quality is on par with any other BOSE earbud or headphone, which is to say excellent. Keep in mind, though, that I'm most often listening to mono podcasts rather than stereo music.

    With their charging case BOSE seems to have solved the problem of battery anxiety. No one wants to head out on a two-hour run only to have their wireless earbuds die halfway through. These earbuds are primed for 5 hours of battery life, and their charging case is good for an additional two charging cycles. I usually go out for about an hour at a time, and find myself putting the buds back in the case as soon as I get back. The button that opens the case can also indicate the charge; pressing it lights up a row of LED lights immediately below. And if you put one bud into your right ear you'll hear a voice telling you your battery level the moment you remove the left bud from the case. Clever!

    These particular wireless earbuds aren't cheap; in Canada and the United States they retail for $250 USD and $330 CAD respectively. But for comfort, sound quality and ease of use they've so far been worth it.

    Links: BOSE SoundSport Free - Canada / USA

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      acurrie -
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      Looks like my initial impression of these things was a bit premature; my BOSE SoundSport Free Bluetooth earbuds are going back to Amazon as soon as I can find a box that will fit them. I'll detail the issues I had and you can decide for yourself if they have any merit.

      First, a reminder of the good stuff: I found the earbuds to be incredibly comfortable and liberating, as there's no pesky cable running between them. The sound—for Bluetooth—was fantastic, and after finally getting around to piping some music through them I can say that there's certainly no lack of bass. Battery life was as advertised, and the charging case convenient.

      The deal-breaker for me turned out to be an intermittent connection issue, exacerbated by the lack of a pesky cable connecting the buds. There always seems to be one or two hiccups that occur over the course of an hour-long walk, but when it happens it's maddening—sound will cut out for a moment on one side only, and when it comes back it will take another second or two to sync back up with the other side. You just wouldn't have this problem with earbuds connected by a cable, or "neckbuds" as I've heard them called. They're not as truly wireless as two separate units, but you'll never have to worry about out of phase audio, either.

      Another, more minor, issue is the approaching Canadian winter: the extra room required for their batteries and radios make the earbuds stick out and hard to wear with a hat. To be entirely fair, neckbuds will almost certainly present the same problem. The solution? A pair of svelte, olde-timey cabled earbuds. The only special equipment required is a headphone jack on your phone. Go figure.
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      mirayge -
      You should try the Anker SoundBuds Curve for less than $30 Freedom Dollars on Amazon. I can never get ear buds to stay in place while I'm working. They don't sit in my ear and I can't force a small pair in far enough like a pair of ear plugs. The last best, greatest, pair of earphones I had was wired Urban Ears that had an ear wig which held onto your cartilage. Unfortunately the wire broke near the connection. So for the last month I have been playing with this Anker wireless set. Couldn't get them in my ear far enough. Everything sounded trebley and low quality. I finally went the other direction and put on the largest ear plugs and wigs. Now the bass comes in clear, and I have the volume a little over half. The options for optimization are super for something so cheap, you just need to dial in the accessories for each of your ears. You will never hear Brian Adams or Anne MacMurrie so clear over any other set this cheap.

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