• HTC One M9 Reviews Hit the Web

    It looks like this year's flagship from HTC has received its final, production-ready software. Or a press embargo has been lifted. Either way, in-depth reviews of the One M9 are now being posted on notable tech sites.

    The biggest change from last year's M8 is the replacement of the 5 mega—sorry, UltraPixel Duo camera with a more traditional 20 megapixel rear shooter. I myself am of the opinion that this is a good thing; while UltraPixel excelled in low light photography the Duo part ended up being a bit of a gimmick.

    Back to the reviews, are you the sort of person who usually just skips to the end to read the final verdict? So am I. So let's do that now!

    Android Authority: A lackluster camera hinders what is otherwise an attractive and speedy package in the newest HTC flagship, the HTC One M9.

    Though a rethinking of their camera processing might be in order, we fully applaud HTC for sticking to their guns in basically all other aspects of this phone, as veterans and newcomers alike can enjoy the best that HTC has to offer in the One M9.
    Android Central: A beautiful, well-refined Android smartphone phone finds itself — and its manufacturer — fighting against the current once again.

    HTC still has some serious work to do in the camera department. It's perhaps a little overdramatic to say that it's an anchor pulling the ship down, but it's definitely an oar stuck in the water. And with all the advances from its competitors over the past we've just about reached that point in which it's extremely difficult to overlook that compromise.
    Mobile Syrup: A dual-toned quandary

    The M9 builds on the excellent qualities of the M7 and M8, design and performance chief among them, and expands them into what is one of the most solid smartphone experiences available today. It lacks the flashy components of several of its competitors — waterproofing or a fingerprint sensor — but strategic partnerships, and a strong emphasis on fundamentals, build caché in other ways.
    The Verge: Haven't we seen this before?

    For the third year in a row, HTC has produced one of the most visually alluring smartphones that feels as incredible as it looks. And for the third year in a row, it has show-stopping flaws, which bring the great experience you’re having to a screeching halt.
    Oh iVerge, you just keep doing you.

    Who's excited about the M9?

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    1. turbogeek's Avatar
      turbogeek -
      I love the fact that it's NOT wasting resources on pointlessly higher resolution, that's its holding/reducing size, upping the battery, coming with a decent amount of storage AND keeping a microSD. HTC has been really good with updates for the last few years, so I have no doubt the camera will get better. When my M7 dies, an M9 will be a top consideration.
    1. yyz123's Avatar
      yyz123 -
      I've never owned an HTC One before, but I did like where HTC was going with the larger sensor and smaller pixels. I'm a little disappointed to see that they went away with that and opted for a more "regular" 20 megapixel camera instead.

      It's a great looking phone, I think much better than the M8 where I thought the corners of the phone were too round. I also like how this new one is slightly smaller (except for thickness). I look forward to seeing more phones coming out in the future where they can maintain a large screen size but packed in a small body.

      Personally though, I'm more looking forward to the LG G4 since I owned an LG G2 and was quite impressed with the phone.
    1. EdwardSmith36's Avatar
      EdwardSmith36 -
      Frankly speaking, I haven't used this device but I really heard lots of positive reviews about this gadget.
    1. TechShali's Avatar
      TechShali -
      Actually this smartphone was good and still there are countless people having this smartphone and using it only daily basis. Recently, I've published a post on getting the SIM unlocked on this phone, here it is:


      We hope that users would find it helpful.

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