• Our Motorola Moto X Second Generation Review

    Last year, Motorolaís flagship, the Moto X kind of got lost in the shuffle. While it was a solid effort of Motorolaís part, some of the features they gave it to differentiate it from the competition didnít really catch on.

    The specs werenít up to, well, they werenít up to spec and one of the most important differentiators, the customizability wasnít even available in Canada! To be honest, Iím surprised they sold any here.

    This time around, letís see if the second Gen X fares any better:

    Like last year, Motorola has priced the Xís SRP slightly lower than the competition ($600 vs ~$700), this carries over once subsidies have been taken into account; the GS5 goes for around $200 while the Moto X is only $100.

    In the US, the X starts at $499.99 direct from Motorola. The 32GB variant adds $50 while getting a leather or wood back tacks on another $25. After subsidy, the US X starts at $99 and goes up to $174.99 if you opt for 32GB and wood or leather.

    What about the GS5?

    With the GS5, you get a removable battery, MicroSD card slot, fingerprint reader (a useful feature), heart rate monitor (not a useful feature) and water resistance.

    The Moto X has a slightly larger display, more frequent updates and a metal body which makes it feel more special in my hand.

    Is the GS5 worth $100 more than the X? Iíd say yes, simply because it comes with a MicroSD slot though the fingerprint reader is also a nice feature.

    What about the LG G3:

    The G3 has a larger display, stabilized lens, MicroSD and a larger removable battery. Note that I didnít mention the higher resolution display because practically speaking, it doesnít make any difference.

    The X counters with a very stylish metal body. When you put the G3 next to the X, the X looks sleek and stylish while the G3 and feels like itís trying to apologize for being made from plastic with itís vulgar looking faux finishes.

    The X also gets more Android updates.

    To be honest, I donít really have strong feelings one way or the the other between the X and G3.

    What about the OnePlus One:

    In a way the OnePlus One is the closest competitor to the X because of its cost. While the OPO is still close to $200 less, the X is still $100 closer than the other flagships.

    The OPO is available with 64GB of storage, plus has a larger display, more RAM, a much larger battery and most importantly, a lower price. Both receive many updates to the point that it may annoy some less demanding users.

    Both displays have minor flaws, the OPO is slightly washed out, while the X is a little over saturated.

    Is the X worth $200 more than the OPO? Iíd say no, but then again, you can pick up an X and get it subsidized.
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    1. turbogeek's Avatar
      turbogeek -
      According to my infos, the Telus Moto X is 32GB internal.
    1. howard's Avatar
      howard -
      Quote Originally Posted by turbogeek View Post
      According to my infos, the Telus Moto X is 32GB internal.
      The one I have is 16GB. The Motorola.ca site lists 16GB too:
    1. acurrie's Avatar
      acurrie -
      No SD card? That's just nuts...
    1. fireredak's Avatar
      fireredak -
      I have the Moto X 2 on US Cellular, had the first gen. and had no problems.
      This second gen. has lousy signal strength!
      I thought at first it was just my phone must have been bad, but every x2 I have checked at US Cell stores and Verizon, the signals are right in line with my phone.
      I average a dbm reading of at home with 4 bars showing from -99 to over -115, the best signal I have seen on my phone was right at a tower and it was only -74 then.
      In comparison, checking all the phones on display at the us cell store where my phone showed -109 to -114 the samsungs showed -73 to -76
      And the google nexus 6, which is pretty much like the x2 only larger had the same values as the Samsung.
      The real surprise was the kyrocera dura pro, waterproof smartphone, it had -63.
      I also tested all the droids at the Verizon store next to the us cell store and they all ran in the -73 to -78 range.
      This x2 is the worst phone for signal of any phone currently being sold by Us and Verizon.
      In low signal areas, this causes two problems, usability and faster battery drainage.
      I think that google selling out to Lenovo, they rushed this phone out to fast, I love the size and build of the phone, the phone works very smooth and takes great photos, but the signal is hard to deal with as I work in an area with weak signal to began with.
    1. boricua65's Avatar
      boricua65 -
      I got the first gen Moto X and been loving it. It's the developer's edition so I don't have any crapware/bloatware but a plain OS.