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    Since the original iPhone came out, theyíve all been about the same width. That is till now; the lineup has bifurcated into 2 new iPhones; the 4.7Ē iPhone 6 and the 5.5Ē iPhone Plus which are both significantly larger than their predecessor the 5s. While over the past few years, Android OEMís have been gradually increasing the size of their phones, Apple just took a huge jump increasing the screen size a not insignificant 0.7Ē on the iPhone 6 and a massive 1.5Ē on the iPhone Plus.

    So letís take a look at the Plus model first.
    Should I keep my iPhone 5s?

    The most obvious difference is the size; the 5s has a tiny 4Ē screen while the 6 Plusí 5.5Ē screen is almost double the size.

    The extra size completely changes how you use and carry the Plus around with you. Thereís a reason why Apple also offers the 6 which has a medium sized 4.7Ē screen.

    Other than the size, the Plus is a slightly improved version of the 5s. Itís a little bit faster, the camera is a little bit better, the speakers are a little louder, that sort of thing. However, thereís only one feature which is a big improvement. Iím talking about the battery which is almost double the size of the 5s. And in case youíre wondering, the double sized screen is more than mitigated by the double sized battery.

    You also get NFC but it isnít that useful here in Canada yet since Apple Pay isn't available here yet. The other big difference is that the Plus is available with up to 128GB of storage which is nice if you take a lot of pictures or download a lot of movies.

    What about the iPhone 6?

    If youíre thinking of getting the 6 Plus, then youíre probably considering the 6 also. The 6 has less battery life than the Plus but more than the 5s.

    The 6ís screen is also less sharp at 326ppi vs 401ppi but to be honest, I donít think many users will notice this unless they look really closely.

    You also lose optical image stabilization which is a shame.

    Other than those points, the 6, with itís 4.7Ē screen is a much more pocket friendly phone.

    It also doesnít hurt that the 6 is $100 cheaper than the Plus.

    What size do I need?

    The Plus is available in 16, 64 and 128GB sizes. The difference between each is $100 - so the cost per gigabyte drops dramatically if you choose to jump up a size. Then again, the 6 Plus starts off at $859 CAD unlocked so youíre already spending a lot to start.

    To me, the 64GB unit is the sweet spot. 16GB only gives you about 14.7GB to play with. The problem, is that when Apple releases new versions of iOS, sometimes it requires a lot of free space. For example, on my 5s, the upgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 8 required over 5GB of free space on my device. So, in order to install it I needed to delete a bunch of apps.

    If you opt for the 128GB version I donít doubt that youíll fill it up eventually but chances are, all you have to do is exercise a tiny bit of discipline when it comes to managing your content to be satisfied with 64GB.

    If I may segue for a moment; the $249 iPod Classic with itís 160GB hard drive is no longer available. I guess itís been replaced with the 128GB iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which have almost the same capacity. Of course, now instead of spending $249 you have to spend an arm and 2 legs.

    What about an Android phone?

    If youíre hooked on iOS and locked into the Apple eco-system then sorry my friend, youíre stuck. Still, if youíre willing to try something new, you can get a brand new One Plus One with 64GB of storage for just under $500 Canadian including all taxes and shipping. And come October, you wonít need to beg them for an invite to purchase one.

    Spec for spec, itís similar to the Plus. 5.5Ē 1920x1080 display? Check. The Plus comes with a 8MP camera while the OPOís has 13MP.

    64GB of storage costs just under $500 with the OPO vs over $1000 for the 64GB Plus.

    While the Plusís screen is much better than the OPO, and the camera is no match for the Plusí camera and you forgo the convenience of the fingerprint reader, is the Plus really worth paying more than double? Itís not that the OPO comes with bad hardware, itís more a case of the OPO coming with better hardware while the Plus has the best.

    Letís not forget that the OPO doesnít bend as easily as the Plus does.

    Even if you love iPhones, the $600 gap really provides a lot of incentive to at least see if you like Android + having $600 to spend on other stuff enough to forgo the Plus.
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    1. ceredon's Avatar
      ceredon -
      Nice write up Howard.

      Keep me in mind when you want to give it away
    1. Frankie500's Avatar
      Frankie500 -
      What about the overall impression as far as quality goes? In pictures the iPhone 5S looks like a more premium device, more attention to detail and just a more premium higher quality impression. The 6 looks a tad big generic, but maybe this is not the case in person?
    1. ceredon's Avatar
      ceredon -
      Camera certainly seems to be an improvement. DPReview has posted the results from DxO's lab testing and the 6 and 6+ are ranked as the best on the market.
      Apple set gold standard for smartphone image quality
    1. Eckono's Avatar
      Eckono -
      Nice review Howard!
    1. mrdiffy's Avatar
      mrdiffy -
      Nice unbiased review! Good job sir.

    1. Samshares's Avatar
      Samshares -
      Thins whole bending situation is blown out of proportion and funny howard would join in on it lol...typical

      Been a iPhone 6+ owner since launch and cannot say it is a concern or something real. If you be reckless, yes anything can be ruined and not just iPhone 6+....
    1. ChappyHappy's Avatar
      ChappyHappy -
      The bending could be a legitimate concern for people considering the iP6 vs iP6+ depending on lifestyle and fashion tastes. Apparently, the iP6 and iP6+ is 33-50% weaker than the iP5.

      Out of the two, I'd get the iP6 since it makes no sense to pay more for something that's structurally weaker.
    1. ceredon's Avatar
      ceredon -
      Quote Originally Posted by ChappyHappy View Post
      The bending could be a legitimate concern for people considering the iP6 vs iP6+ depending on lifestyle and fashion tastes. Apparently, the iP6 and iP6+ is 33-50% weaker than the iP5.

      Out of the two, I'd get the iP6 since it makes no sense to pay more for something that's structurally weaker.
      Consumer reports testing showed the 6+ actually stood up better to bending that the 6. Neither was considered problematic and both were inline with other phones, thought behind others. I don't expect any M8 reviews made mention of their bendability.
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    1. ChappyHappy's Avatar
      ChappyHappy -
      I know. They shoulda included a 5c to see if plastic is better than metal.

      Very similar thickness, but taller/longer. The moment is different even if the force is the same.
      I'd still opt for the iP6 instead of the iP6+.
    1. Donkey's Avatar
      Donkey -
      Howard, your kids are very cute in the pictures you took with your new toys.
    1. timvideo's Avatar
      timvideo -
      I think its great that Apple has released 2 different size iPhones. I like the iPhone 6 Plus thanks to the larger screen. I work most saturdays during football season and having the iPhone 6 Plus allows me to watch my favorite college football team during down time at work through Comcast xfinity app.
    1. robert1_1's Avatar
      robert1_1 -
      Thanks for the very in depth review. I have a few questions.

      1) You said the speaker is very good and much better the 5s. How about call volume? I've heard a lot of complaints that the ear speaker volume is too quiet—much quieter than the 5s.

      2) Have you notice the phone running very hot? There have been a lot of complaints that the phone runs extremely hot even for during short downloads.

      3) Any bending whatsoever observed with normal front pocket carry?