• Our Samsung Gear Fit Review: Wrist-Worthy?

    Samsung sent me 2 of there wearables recently: The Gear Neo and the Gear Fit. I just finished reviewing the Samsung Gear 2 Neo. To me, I was really surprised because itís the first piece of wearable technology that I didnít truly hate.

    While the Neo is a full fledge Smartwatch, the Fit is more of a fitness band on steroids. Whatís the difference between these 2 classes of devices? Iíd say the main difference is the shape. Smartwatches usually have large displays while Fitness bands donít have a display or if they do, it tends to be smaller and more rectangular.

    Where do the steroids come in? Well, in addition to being a fitness band, the Fit is also able to display notifications from your phone. In a way, itís a converged device.
    Letís check it out:

    The first thing youíll notice is that the Fit has an awesome looking display. Itís no better than what youíll find on itís bigger siblings, the Gear 2 Neo and Gear 2, but the inky blacks on the Super AMOLED display really blend into design. Like the Neoís display, the Fitís has very high saturation and contrast so it really pops out at you.

    Not only does the display look great but itís actually curved which makes it one of the first curved displays in this size range. It really fits in well with the Fitís design.

    I could be wrong about this but the Fitís AMOLED display looks a little grittier than the one on the Neo - I think it might be a PenTILE display.

    There are 6 brightness settings, the dimmest is great at night while the brightest is ideal for outdoors. The problem is that thereís no auto-brightness. The brightest setting is blinding at night while the dimmest is too dark to see outdoors. The in-betweens are a good enough compromise most but not all the time.

    By default, the Fit displays everything in landscape mode but you can change the orientation. One of my friends was concerned how easy the Fit is to use when itís in landscape mode. As for myself I didnít really have a preference. I guess using it in landscape mode is more natural if youíre going to do a lot of reading on it but using it in portrait mode really exaggerates the curved display which is really neat.

    While I donít think the Fit is the most awesome looking device ever, I do think itís very slick. If I could make some changes to the Fit, Iíd remove the chrome bezel around the edges and integrate more of the electronics into the band. That would make the Fit look thinner; like a wrist band with a screen on it.

    To save power, the display is normally off but if you raise your arm and twist it towards you, it turns on automatically. This gesture works well but it does take half a second before the screen turns on. I never quite got used to this.

    Occasionally, the screen will turn on when you donít want it to which can make it kind of distracting in a dark room. If you donít like the turn on gesture, you can disable it and turn the display on or off using the button.

    Compared to the Neo and Gear 2, the Fitís functionality is a bit more limited. Hereís a list of whatís included:

    • Timer
    • Stopwatch
    • Sleep
    • Pedometer
    • Exercise
    • Heart Rate
    • Notifications
    • Media Controller
    • Settings
    • Find My Device
    • App Connect

    App connect lets you run certain programs which were designed for the Fit. Iím not 100% sure how youíre supposed to find Gear Fit compatible apps but Glympse showed up as an option here.

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    1. Groot's Avatar
      Groot -
      Golf NAVI+ for GearFit
      Gear Fit Share
      Gear Fit Calendar
      News Republic & Appy Geek
      Strava Running and Cycling GPS
      Sleep Genius For Gear Fit
      Gear Fit Quick Settings
      Gear Fit RSS
      Shortcut for Connected Devices
      AllSafe_올세이프 for Gear fit
      Gear Fit Flashlight
      Gear Fit Phone
      Gear Fit Phone+ (Donation)
      Another Me
      Fiches Display
      FitLight | Gear Fit flashlight
      Gear Fit Calculator

      In Google Play search for SAMSUNG_CUP_ENABLED

      FYI own a Pebble, Galaxy Gear and now the Gear Fit, I like the Gear Fit over the other devices.
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      Softwaregenie07 -
      nice! What is the price range on this? Does it only work with Samsung Devices>?