• Glider Gloves review: A Must-have Winter Accessory

    I love the cold. The other day it was minus 9 Celsius (15F) and itís been snowing non-stop for a couple of hours now. I took my daughter out but first I splashed some water in my beard so that it would freeze when I went outside so she can play with it. I love the cold.

    The problem is that when itís really cold, I have to wear gloves which means I canít use most of my phones. I have to choose between using my phone and letting my hands freeze or keeping my hands warm with them stuffed in my pockets.

    Fortunately, I just got 2 pairs of Glider Gloves. The Glider Gloves Urbans which are thinner and more for wearing while you walk to your car and the thicker Glider Gloves Winters which are for when itís a bit colder.

    Urban on left, Winter on right

    Theyíre knit gloves which have copper weaved into them so that you can use your phone without having to take them off. Theyíre soft gloves - the outside is made from a stiff material that resists pilling while the inside is made of something slightly softer. Thereís a 3rd layer in the middle for warmth.

    Touchscreen compatible gloves are a tricky thing; If you make them too thin, theyíre not warm, but, if you make them warm theyíll be too bulky which will make them clumsy to use.

    I mentioned the Urbans are thin and more for wearing while you walk to your car or if youíre only going to be outside for a short while. Theyíre probably good down to about 5C provided itís not windy.

    Still, since the Urbans are thin, you could probably wear a warmer pair of gloves on top. That way, when you want to use your phone your hands wonít freeze as quickly.

    The Winters are thicker, if youíre going to be spending more than a few minutes outside these are the ones you want. Still, theyíre not THAT thick, youíll want to stay active while youíre wearing them.

    The palms on each of them have a rubbery coating to make them grippier. Theyíre just grippy enough that you wonít drop your phone but not so grippy that theyíll pick up all the dust in your pockets. They actually make good driving gloves. Iím happy that thereís no coating around the tips of your fingers so they wonít interfere when you touch your phoneís screen.

    I couldn't tell if the Glider Gloves are water resistant. Since they're soft gloves my guess is no but then again, under normal usage (no snow ball fights) my hands stayed dry.

    Theyíre really made for touchscreen phones - even the tag on the inside of the left glove is made from microfiber to you can use it to clean your screen.

    The right glove has print on it so you can quickly identify the left and right gloves.

    Fit is a very personal thing. I measured my hands according to the chart on the Glider Gloves website. It says Iím a medium. While both gloves fit tight, the Winters fit a little tighter. The fingers are a tad short for me but next to being the perfect length, this is the next best thing.

    You donít want gloves whose fingers are too long. You want them the exact same length or shorter than your actual fingers because then the tip of the gloves will touch the screen at the same time as your actual fingers touch them.

    While the thinner Urbans should be more accurate, I actually got better results with the Winters. I think itís because the winters fit a little more tightly.

    You wonít be as accurate as if youíre not wearing them but Iím still able to type quickly on my iPhone, game and just use it like normal. You get used to them really fast.

    Hereís something funny, normally, when I take pictures while itís snowing I normally snap a few pictures and then put my phone away. With the Winters, I had my iPhone out for so long that it started to get pretty wet because all the snow was starting to accumulate, so donít get carried away!

    I didnít notice this with the Winters due to their added thickness, but I had one issue with the Urbans. Like most gloves there is a seam at the tip of each finger - this can increase their contact area if they donít fit tight enough which isnít a good thing. Sometimes this kept me from being able to type really fast. This is my biggest disappointment.

    You want the tip of your finger to be as form fitting as possible. I hope Glider gloves starts making their gloves so that the bottom part of the finger is longer than the top so that the seam isnít right at the tip.

    Anyways, they come in small, medium, large and extra large so my advise is to try them on before you buy them. They come in different sizes so itís not a case of one size fits none.

    Are they worth it?

    Itís a hard question. Normally the Urbans are $25. While Iím pretty impressed with them, 25 bucks is pushing it a bit. Luckily, I was looking at Gliderís website and they actually have the white Urbans for $20 which is about right plus if you Ďlikeí their website on Facebook youíll save another 10%. Then again, since theyíre only good for down to 5 degrees theyíre an optional purchase.

    On the other hand, if you live somewhere cold, the Winters are a good idea. They work really well and are warm. They also breath nicely so you can wear them all the time - even when youíre driving. At $30 theyíre priced about right but right now, I noticed that the white ones are $23.99. At that price the Glider Gloves Winter are not just a good idea, theyíre a must buy.

    If youíre trying to think of an affordable gift Christmas gift I highly recommend the Winters.
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