• Our Nexus 5/LG G2/iPhone 5s/Lumia 1020/HTC One/GS4/Sony Z1/BB Z30 camera shootout

    Howard in the car:

    The last scene is of me in a car. Inside the car itís going to be much darker than it is outside so itís a good test of the cameraís dynamic range - no camera phone will get both me and the outside properly. Itís also a test of meter, Steve tapped on my face (or dragged the focus box if applicable) so that the camera would light my face properly and not the outside. Otherwise, itís a bright scene so noise shouldnít be much of a problem. Outside it was overcast so while it was bright, it wasnít as bright as it could be. Original files are locate here.

    The Z1 did okay here. I'm slightly dark but outside it actually looks pretty good. The aggressive processing managed to pull the grain out from the door trim though it also managed to ruin the pattern on the headrest.

    I hate to say this but I told Steve ďI bet the HTC will totally screw this one up so you wonít be able to see anything outsideĒ. So it kind of pains me to say that I was completely right. The picture looks like it was taken moments after an atomic bomb was dropped - even my right cheek and parts of the trim in Steveís car are blasted out. The HTCís 4 megapixel camera is at a huge disadvantage outdoors and again itís true here. There isnít that much detail compared with other phones. I already said it before but Iíll say it again, if you use a HTC One stay indoors. I actually do that myself, I use my HTC One indoors and my iPhone when Iím out of the house.

    The Lumia 1020 captures a lot of detail. Colour on the other hand isnít so great, it really over-saturated myself and outside. I should point out that even though Steve tapped on me to focus, it appears to have focused about 12Ē in front of me so my face is very soft. Sorry we didnít catch that.

    Unfortunately, we left the GS4 in HDR mode when we shot this so we donít have anything to say. I did notice that the GS4 was able to pick up the leather grain pattern on the car door trim. A lot of phones didnít pick this up. It could be a focusing issue.

    Since I mentioned HDRís, Steve has noticed that the GS4 does a really good job with HDRís and you know what? Heís absolutely right. I might be a tiny bit too red but otherwise colour is excellent. I didnít include the pictures here but the GS4 beat the iPhone 5s handily here as well as a few other HDRís we shot that arenít included here. Of course the GS4ís picture also illustrates why HDR isnít always appropriate- Iím slightly blurry looking because I moved a tiny amount between each HDR shot - so itís less useful for close ups or shots where your subject is moving.

    I could have been a tad darker and Iím slightly over-saturated but overall, the G2 does a decent job here. There isnít much noise and there are lots of detail. Like the GS4, the G2 was able to pick up the graining on the door trim.

    Iím a little less saturated with the Nexus 5 but Iím also a little darker. It screwed up the white balancing on my jacket - itís purple on my right shoulder. I also noticed that all the fine detail from the door trim is gone. Itís supposed to have a leather grained pattern on it but you canít make it out at all on the Nexus. Initially I thought it was a focusing issue but if you look at my face both the G2 and Nexus have similar focus.

    The 5s does a good job of lighting up my face evenly. My jacket is a little purple on my shoulders and there is slight over-saturation. It also misses out of the pattern on the door panel. Otherwise the 5s does a great job here.

    The Z30 doesnít do too badly here but thereís something very un-natural looking about the picture

    Aside from being a tad warm the real camera aces the test. It also reminds us how nice out-of-focus areas can be when you have a large sensor.
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    1. realjet's Avatar
      realjet -
      How does the HTC Rezound compare with these cameras? I currently have a Rezound and it seems to take good pictures (better than my Droid X or iphone 4) that I used to have.
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