• BlackBerry to be acquired by a group led by Fairfax Financial

    Blackberry has just agreed to be acquired by Fairfax Financial for $9 a share. Does Fairfax plan to split Blackberry up? Or are they planning to continue to see if they can turn things around?

    My guess is that Blackberry in its current form probably won't stay intact. Hopefully they'll figure out a spot for themselves in the market be it as a pure software player - anyone curious what a BB10 device from a thirdparty would look like? I'm sure OEM's would love to have an alternative besides Android and Windows.

    What about the rest of Blackberry? Does that continue as a mobile device management platform? As BYOD continues to become more popular my guess is this is an area of growth for them.

    If they do stop making phones, it would be a shame anyone have a favorite Blackberry? Was it the 9000 with its leather back? How about a 8800 with it's little trackball or maybe you have a Q10 which you're using now?

    BlackBerry agreed in principal to be acquired by Fairfax Financial, a Canadian insurance company for $9 a share, in a deal that would total $4.7 billion US dollars.
    Shares of BlackBerry were halted prior to the announcement, and the company said the stock would resume trading at 2:00pm EST. Prior to the announcement shares in the troubled smartphone maker company were down more than 5 percent for the day.

    Fairfax Financial, sometimes called the Berkshire Hathaway of Canada, is a holding company whose primary business is in insurance. Fairfax is also BlackBerry's largest shareholder.

    It is led by Prem Watsa, a chemical engineer by training who has run the firm since the mid-1980s.

    The press-shy Watsa has long been a supporter of BlackBerry, and his name has been linked with a potential buyout for months.
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    1. Mann Incognito's Avatar
      Mann Incognito -
      This is about as good as it could be under the circumstances. I quite like the deal, Prem has been a BlackBerry booster for years, and if he can get some good people around him then the future looks pretty bright. As an aside, I'm one of the few who feels Torsten Heins did a not bad job considering what he was left to deal with. Shame BlackBerry couldn't figure out how to market the Z10 properly, it really is a good phone and BB10 is a solid OS. I can see it being dropped and a limited range of Z30, Q10, Q5 and a Z5 left to soldier on. After that, who knows.
    1. karlde's Avatar
      karlde -
      Thanks Howards Forums for being there all this time for my questions and information
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