• To Celebrate iPhone 4 Launch Day We Have A Special Treat For You

    Check out the new iPhone skin! Available for a limited time.

    We have a few bugs to iron out of it and will get those fixed up soon (that includes the home page look with the Premium skin).
    Comments 26 Comments
    1. dhigbee's Avatar
      dhigbee -
      Hate it, and wasn't happy with being changed to that skin without my permission. I'm back to the default skin.
    1. darkside flow's Avatar
      darkside flow -
      Quotes aren't visible with the contrast of the theme. The reply fields aren't visible as it is black text on a a background of black bars.

      Ironically, the iPhone skin doesn't render properly on the iPhone. The orange icon at the top goes to a second line.

      I like the overall look though. If the bugs are worked out, I'd like it to be available long term.
    1. Sir_Q's Avatar
      Sir_Q -
      Extreme IFail!
    1. newguy78's Avatar
      newguy78 -
      I have to agree with the first comment. I did not hesitate to change the skin back to the default skin, and I typically like dark skins. This one was not one of them. The navigation images at the top need some cleaning up. To be honest everything in the header just seems out of place. The showtopic & forumdisplay bodies are just too dark. At that point, I changed it back to the default.

      Sorry guys
    1. mr_rogers's Avatar
      mr_rogers -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sir_Q View Post
      Extreme IFail!
      UFail? why would you say that?
    1. shah_vm's Avatar
      shah_vm -
      it looks so ugly as i****e. Please revert to original theme as quickly as possible.
    1. haticK's Avatar
      haticK -
      omg my eyes are burning
    1. mrwireless01's Avatar
      mrwireless01 -
      I am getting a headache with this format. Please change it by days end. I like iphones but not for our websites.
    1. GMul's Avatar
      GMul -
      This format is extremely hard on my old eyes. How do I revert to the default skin?

      Thanks, Gary
    1. Guest538's Avatar
      Guest538 -
      Why is everyone holding back? Say it like you see it...this is one of the ugliest skins I have EVER seen on a website. Take a note from recent redesigns of engadget.com and joystiq.com.
    1. Joe12304's Avatar
      Joe12304 -
      Wow iPod Touch skin. Where's the Droid skin then? I dig the dark colors though.
    1. naypalm[]maker's Avatar
      naypalm[]maker -
      I like it! Anything with light text on dark background help my eyes out a lot as I work with consoles often.
    1. frail's Avatar
      frail -
      For those who don't like it you can revert to one of the other skins by selecting from the drop down list at the bottom left of the page. This will change the skin on the forum. The article skin will change back tomorrow.
    1. Ennon's Avatar
      Ennon -
      Hahaha wow guys, way to be nice to the admin :P

      To be honest it doesn't bother me too much. lol.
    1. djisia87's Avatar
      djisia87 -
      today iphone.... then android.....
    1. biny's Avatar
      biny -
      this theme is ugly and not user friendly....
    1. Jolycu's Avatar
      Jolycu -
      I didn't like it either and changed back to forum default within 5 minutes.
    1. hu_guy's Avatar
      hu_guy -
      Fail. Hate that it changed it without confirmation.
    1. ob1robbie's Avatar
      ob1robbie -
      Its actually a trick not a treat, because the ability to use the site is worse than atts coverage.

      I hope you either change back to the old skin quickly or one that I can actually read and navigate in colors that are visible.

      April fools came early I guess...
    1. brades's Avatar
      brades -
      the worst theme EVER
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